In order to give users flexibility, Chameleon Pay uses the standard BIP39 protocol which allows a user to restore their wallet on many apps as long as they have the 12 word seed. 

Below we'll show you how to export your privatekeys from the offline tool known as the BIP39 Tool

Warning: If someone gains access to your privatekeys they will be able to spend the funds in your wallet. Therefore, it's of utmost importance that you only export your privatekeys in a safe environment.

1. Navigate to the BIP39 Tool github:


3. Download the ZIP File

4. Unzip the file

5. You should now have a folder called bip39-master

6. Double click the folder and navigate to the SRC folder, you will see the index.html file inside

7. Double click the index.html file

Warning: You should only use this tool offline. That means that after you download the file, you should shut off your internet access before proceeding. 

8. You should now see the Bip39 tool on a browser

9. Type your 12 word seed in the BIP39 Mnemonic box

10. Select the coin you want to export

11. Scroll down and select BIP32 Path

12. On the second line, where it says BIP32 Derivation Path type the following: m/44'/0'/0'/0

13. Scroll down to Derived Addresses

14. You will see a long list of addresses, public keys, and privatekeys. The Chameleon Pay address will be the first on the list. You want to save your Address and your Private Key. 

15. You can use your privatekey to access your funds from other wallets and even the command line.