Below is tutorial to create a new ChainZilla wallet using

1 - Navigate to and select Create New Wallet

2 - Enter a secure password for your wallet backup

3 - Download your wallet Backup. If you lose this file and your privatekey you will NOT be able to recover your funds

4 - Select Add wallet, Find ChainZilla from the coin list. 

5 - Now take note of your Public Address. This is the address that you will use to receive funds. It's the equivalent of a bank account number. 

6 - Now you are ready to receive and send ZILLA tokens. It is always recommended that you have multiple backups of your wallet. You can export your privatekeys which will allow you to recover your funds in any wallet. On the top right corner click the menu button. Select Export Key. 

7 -  Type your password and export your privatekey. Having this key is equivalent to having full access to a bank account and it will let the holder spend the funds in the address. Keep it safe.