Below is a video tutorial to claim KMD interest if you're using the Ledger hardware wallet.

Step By Step

1. Navigate to

2. Select Import Wallet

3. Select Komodo, Hardware Wallet, and Enter Password. The password will encrypt a backup that will allow you to login the wallet as a watch-only address. You can only spend funds if your Ledger device is connected and you approve the transaction. 

4.  Once you're logged into the dashboard, you should navigate to the Claim Reward button.

5. Confirm the transaction

6. Confirm on the hardware wallet. Your ledger device should ask you for confirm output#1 and often it asks for output#2 when making a normal transaction. Please verify all addresses match on the ledger screen. 

7. Wait for the transaction to confirm and you have successfully claimed your KMD rewards. Make sure that you claim once a month to maximize the amount you get per year.