Business Strategy

We created ChainZilla to solve some of the issues facing our blockchain ecosystems in regards to adoption and enterprise-related use of decentralized technologies. Our strategy is simple and effective.

The blockchain assets of our clients are worthless without strategy, execution and organization. We DON'T believe in following our competitors; rather, we want to be the ones to SHOW them how it's done. 

There are a few simple rules that ChainZilla will follow when we engage in a business deal:

  • No templates other than for DIY packages; only a custom approach to each project we tackle.
  • Only win-win scenarios for all parties involved.
  • Uphold the seven principles of business integrity: Trust, Willing to Change, Follow-through, Accuracy, Social Responsibility, Fiscal Responsibility, and Respect. 
  • Mutual engagement. We need our clients to understand our work, the importance of the community, incubation of talent, and they must cooperate with us.
  • Clear communication with everyone involved in the project.
  • We come from the second generation blockchain communities and stay true to our roots. We will follow a policy of transparency towards our clients with regards to our work, and all the actions we take.
  • All of our actions and decisions are data driven.