When ChainZilla was conceived it was done with the purpose of raising the bar in terms of the quality of the apps being used in the industry. Currently there are various offline tools such the standard open source paper wallet that allows projects to easily add coins to an offline privatekey generator. However, most of these applications aren't easy to modify and aren't enterprise-ready. 

That is where ChainZilla steps in. Our goal is to build upon the strong framework of great paper wallets such as the ARK and BTC specimens. Additionally, it needs to be flexible enough to use with 95% of all blockchains, assetchains, and tokens. The IGAMI paperwallet will expand upon the available open source paper wallets in order to create an enterprise-ready multi-paperwallet for all top cryptocurrencies and Komodo assetchains.  

Basilisk features

  • An Intuitive State-of-the-art UI/UX to increase adoption
  • Online Paper Wallet
  • Offline Paper Wallet
  • Standardized Seed Storage Mechanism 
  • Agama Seed Decryption

Future features

  • Wallet USB Export - allows users to export an encrypted paper wallet to a designated USB drive
  • ERC20

Ultimate Goal

  • ChainZilla will create an enterprise-ready paper wallet tool that will benefit the entire crypto ecosystem. The Komodo ecosystem is growing and in a few years time there will be over 1000 assetchains in existence. The Igami paperwallet will be the flagship offline tool for our clients.

Plans for Launch

  • The igami v.1 multi-paperwallet for KMD was finished on second quarter of 2018 and is available now on the ChainZilla website.

Name Legend

  •  Paper wallets are an underrated tool in cryptocurrency. We wanted to shine some light on this important tool and after some brainstorming we landed upon the art of folding paper into shapes and figures known as origami. The rest is history. Igami will feature a custom printable and fold-able paper wallets.