When ChainZilla was conceived it was done with the purpose of raising the bar in terms of the quality of the apps being used in the industry. Currently there are various apps such as AGAMA that allow projects to easily add coins to a stable wallet in both native and spv mode. However, these applications are not yet enterprise-ready.

That is where ChainZilla steps in. Our goal is to build upon the strong framework that teams such as Komodo have created. The BASILISK multi-wallet is based on the AGAMA framework will have certain features that will set it apart from other open source wallets. 

Basilisk features

  • An Intuitive State-of-the-art UI/UX to increase adoption
  • Auto-updates 
  • Light weight wallet for all Komodo assetchains with dedicated SPV servers
  • SPV Only
  • Standardized Seed Storage Mechanism
  • Paper Wallet Generator

Future features

  • ERC20 & ETH 
  • Hardware integration (Yubikey, USB Backup, Keepkey, and Pin files)
  • CAMO Integration (when SPV z-transactions are feasible)

Ultimate Goal

  • ChainZilla will create a enterprise-ready SPV wallet that will benefit the entire crypto ecosystem. The Komodo ecosystem is growing and in a few years time there will be over 1000 assetchains in existence. The Basilisk multi-wallet will be the flagship wallet for our clients. We envision the Basilisk multi-wallet as the MEW of Komodo. 

Plans for Launch

  • The Basilisk multi-wallet design was started on the second quarter of 2018 and will enter the testing phase during the fourth quarter of 2018.


  • In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be a serpent king who can cause death with a single glance. Additionally, Basilisk was the first name given to Komodo's first experimental lite network. 

image source: http://www.bestphotosite.net/basilisk-lizard-running-on-water