When ChainZilla was conceived it was done with the purpose of raising the bar in terms of the quality of the apps being used in the industry. Currently there are various apps that allow users to perform atomic swaps and participate in decentralized icos. However, these applications are not yet enterprise-ready.

That is where ChainZilla steps in. Our goal is to build upon the strong framework that teams such as Komodo have created. The CHAMELEON dico app will have certain features that will set it apart from the first generation dico apps. 

Chameleon features

  • Easy to change skins
  • One-size-fits all design - there are inefficiencies of releasing one dapp for each dico. Instead, Chameleon will let users "tune" into a dico from within the settings tab. 
  • An Intuitive State-of-the-art UI/UX to increase adoption
  • Auto-updates 
  • Altcoin dICOs

Future features

  • ERC20 dicos
  • NEM Mosaic dicos
  • QTUM dicos

Ultimate Goal

  • ChainZilla will create a enterprise-friendly dico app that will benefit the entire crypto ecosystem. Since dicos are highly specialized we believe that a standalone but highly capable dapp is the best way forward to increase the launch of dicos on BarterDEX.

Plans for Launch

  • The Chameleon app will go into the development phase during the first quarter of 2019.  


  • The application's easy to switch skins and interchangeable dico settings resemble a Chameleon's ability to change colors and appearance on the fly. 

App Workflow

Source image: https://synconi.deviantart.com/